The National Wine School Seeks New Wine Instructors and Educators Nationwide

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at 2:37pm UTC

The National Wine School is now seeking new wine instructors and educators from around the nation. The school takes this opportunity to share that they are the national testing site for wine teachers this year. Anyone who wants to be a part of the wine world needs these certifications and requirements: attend the NWS wine educator seminar in Philadelphia and earn a core sommelier certification. Participants must also be members of The National Wine School, The Wine School of Philadelphia, or any other affiliated school. The school has been offering courses for more than two decades now.

National Wine School
National Wine School

According to this school, there are only two ways to teach wine for a living, and it is either overqualified or certified. At this school, wine educators have significant experience teaching people about wine and winemaking; some have been professional winemakers. All of the instructors who teach here have complete teacher training and also have a core sommelier certification. All the programs start from introductory wine classes and extend to master-level programs. Here are a few quick facts about the certifications and accreditations offered here.

Sommelier Credentials – NWS offers Levels 1 & 2 Wine Certification, Level 3 Sommelier Certification, Level 4 Advanced Certificate, and Level 5 Master Certification.

National Accreditation – NWS is also an accrediting agency that ensures all the affiliated wine schools maintain a high level of standards and establish operating standards for wine education programs in the nation. The school also determines if the specific wine school meets those standards.

Online Certification – The online wine programs are open to all individual students and wine enthusiasts. The Level 1 Introductory Certificate, Level 2 Wine Certificate, and Level 3 Sommelier Pin & Certificate are provided here. Top sommelier instructors manage the courses.

NWS now invites applications for Wine Instructors Position. The first requirement is that the candidates should have completed core sommelier certification in person, complete a certified wine educator program, and be members of a wine school. The second requirement is to send a high-quality headshot, short bio, and contact information. NWS has the following positions: Featured Independent Wine Instructors and Wine School Owners.

The programs offered by The National Wine School are scientifically based, culturally relevant, and, most importantly, fun. Their learning approach allows the students to make a lucrative career in the wine industry. The curriculum is designed by sommeliers, winemakers, and academics best in their respective fields.

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About National Wine School

The National Wine School is the only educational service providing federal and state-compliant sommelier certification programs for regions' wine schools, colleges, and universities. The school offers the highest level of Sommelier Certification in the US.



National Wine School

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National Wine School


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